Why being multi-talented can be career confusing!

I remember well growing up, my Dad telling me he didn’t want me to be a “jack of all trades and a master of none”. He said I needed to focus on one thing, and be great at it. Easier said than done, as I had no idea what that “one” thing should be! I got good grades at school, I loved drama and performing and was a talented singer. I also loved creative writing, and wrote poetry and short stories – often entering them in competitions with some success. At the nth hour, as you may know, I chose the road well travelled and undertook an Economics degree. But I second guessed myself the whole time, and I think that created a lot of unnecessary stress and unhappiness during the earlier part of my working life.

When I see clients in my practice who are multi-talented, they are the ones who seem to struggle the most with their career decisions, because they have so many potential options! There are so many roads they can take, and each one – on the surface -seems like a great fit for them. And I totally get it, because I have been there.

Having lived it, and gotten to a great place now, my suggestion is this – you can’t make a “wrong” career decision. There is no “wrong” path. There is only the path that you take. It is neither “right” nor “wrong”, it just is. You need to grab hold of your decision with both hands, really own it and give it your all, and see how it pans out! Don’t doubt your decision once you have committed to your path. Sure it will have bends and curves along the way, but eventually it will lead you exactly to the place you are meant to be.