I will help you create the life you have always dreamed of.

I am a nutrition and lifestyle coach and I work with women just like you to get fit and healthy and feel fantastic! I create a supportive, nurturing environment that will enable you to reach all your goals and create a life you love. And I make it fun and flexible along the way.

Working with me you will be able to:

  • Stop sugar cravings in their tracks
  • Lose weight and feel great
  • Love and approve of yourself - no matter what
  • Create healthy, nutritious meals the whole family will enjoy
  • Stop your battle with the scales once and for all
  • Find exercise you love and look forward to
  • Feel sexy, confident and strong
  • Find work that you truly enjoy
  • Make gradual, sustainable health and lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime

Sound good? Inquire now about your FREE initial health assessment consultation!


With single coaching sessions you get to choose how frequently we connect. In our first session we will review everything that is happening in your life right now, find out where you actually want to be, and work together to determine the path to get you there. You will take home practical, easy tools and techniques to change your life AND get results fast!


Creating lasting change doesn't happen overnight. We will work together over 6 months to re-program limiting self-beliefs and build solid foundations to create the life you desire. Together, we’ll delve into all the issues you are facing right now, and I will give you specific tools and techniques to take action! This is a mind, body and spirit transformation, and I promise you will never look back. 

Your customized program includes:

  • Talking twice a month for 6 months over Skype. These sessions are an hour long, and we will explore what has been holding you back from becoming your most amazing self.
  • Email access to me over the entire 6 month program. This means I am by your side in between our sessions to support you and keep you focussed on your path.
  • Recipes that are healthy, delicious and simple to prepare.
  • A little homework after each session to help you stay motivated, learning and growing.
  • Access to my monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes. 

I am a Certified Health Coach and I received my health and wellness training from New York at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied all major dietary theories as well as practical lifestyle coaching methods. I also hold a degree in Economics and a Diploma in Life Coaching, and have worked for over 10 years as a career and life coach. 

Could one conversation change your life? I believe it can. Email me now at: helene@helenelarson.com to set up your FREE initial health assessment consultation!

"I have recently been to see Helene Larson and I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have made. I was at a difficult point in my life where I had worked for 9 ½ years since leaving school, but still felt I had not found what it was that I was destined to do. Helene was then able to guide me in the right direction. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I strongly recommend a consultation with her."

A Murray