From my clients.

"After 8 years of working in the beauty industry often changing jobs hoping that the next one would bring me happiness and a better working environment, I was fed up with not knowing what to do and where to start. A friend recommended I meet with Helene Larson to get some advice and it was the realisation of my new direction. At our first meeting I instantly felt comfortable with Helene and was motivated into taking responsibility for my career.

Helene has helped me to recognise my strengths, weaknesses and personality traits and how best to suit these to a new career. I now have a goal and Helene is helping me every step of the way to achieve this. I have the utmost confidence in her knowledge and am so pleased to have her inspiration and support. Nursing here I come!

I only wish I knew Helene when I was completing my schooling 12 years ago! If you are unsure of your career and life direction, or just need some support, Helene will guide, inspire and mentor you. I highly recommend her as your life coach."

Alexandra Hawkins

"I have recently been to see Helene Larson and I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have made. I was at a difficult point in my life where I had worked for 9 ½ years since leaving school, but still felt I had not found what it was that I was destined to do. I found the Personality and Interests Profiler reports to be very valuable and I was impressed by their accuracy. Helene was then able to guide me in the right direction. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I strongly recommend a face-to-face consultation with her."

A Murray

"Thank you so much for your help on Saturday, it was perfect! I’m feeling very motivated, and have already inquired into a couple of small business management courses. I will keep in touch, I’m sure your advice will be invaluable for any other questions that may arise. Once again, thank you!!"


"Thank you again for your careers advice for my daughter Melissa. It has made the world of difference. She is much happier at home and feels confident in the career path you discussed with her. She is now really focussed on getting into Occupational Therapy at Sydney Uni. We are so thrilled for her to have finally found what she wants to do!"


"Helene, your insight and help sorting out my life and my goals has been amazing. I am much more focused at work and at home, and I am healthier and happier. I have also lost 5 kilos in the past 3 months we have been working together! Thank you so much for your support!"


"I saw you in 2011 when I was at a loose end about which direction to take in my professional life and we settled on Events Management. I am happy to report that I am still very much in love with this industry.  I completed my Diploma of Events at TAFE in 2012 and I start full time permanent work as an Events Coordinator this coming Wednesday. I cannot thank you enough for your role in finding this career path for me. I look forward to a great career in a vibrant, growing and ever changing industry."


"My son Taylor needed a direction and goal to work for at school and after a few short hours you had given him everything he required. You managed to understand his personality, and developed a great relationship with him in such a short time. From this you were able to guide him to careers he felt comfortable and passionate about. This was invaluable as it gave him the motivation to work harder to achieve the grades required. So thanks so much Helene, if there is anyone requiring a referral I would be only too happy to recommend you."

Jo Tayor

"Just wanted to let you know that Dan has commenced an online course which will allow him to achieve his Cert lll and Cert lV in personal training by the end of the year.  He is really excited about it and working hard on it already. Thank you so much for your input, the timing was great and Dan found it very helpful. Dan enthused about his meeting with you to his friends and consequently his mate David should be giving you a call very soon. This had been a real turning point for Dan."


"Harry is now at University doing an Arts degree. He also has a part-time job and is a lot happier person. Thanks for your help and directions, which gave him confidence to pursue different areas of interest."


"My son Will is a highly motivated Year 12 student who had no idea of what he wanted to do after school. After completing some on-line assessments and discussion with Helene, she was able to match his interests and passions with jobs. She gave him great advice on various courses and pathways. Will found the session very helpful and is now even more focused as he knows exactly why he is working so hard!"


"I just thought I would let you know that Mitch has got a job working as a shop fitter, which is taking him all over the country. He has also been offered a carpentry apprenticeship for 2011. He is keen to pursue this avenue. I think that was basically your original suggestion. So well picked and thank you so much for your expertise and time. I will be bringing my girl to you over the next 12 months."


"Helene, thank you so much for your help with my niece. Your professional approach yet open, relaxed and confident disposition allowed her to ask questions and feel relaxed about a system that she is only starting to understand. Thank you for your meaningful contribution and insight."


"What you have provided me with is an opportunity to discover and analyse in detail my skills, personality and traits, and what they are suitable to use in. You definitely helped me discover my inner abilities that I never noticed before, and therefore provided an insight to what type of person I am and where I can go from there in future. I will then use that to help me make the right decision when it comes along. I promise I will keep you updated when an opportunity arises. I am certain you would have contributed to it somehow!"